Appointment Confirmation Verification Policy

This Scheduling Coordinator resource document provides step by step instructions to use prior to and during your phone call to the patient.

Appointment Confirmation Verification Policy

When confirming appointments, there are a few things that you should review prior to making the phone call and update in the notes if needed.

New Patients Only

New Patient Forms Complete?

  • You can remind the new patients during the phone call that they can do their paperwork prior to their
    appointment by going to our website and selecting New Patient Forms or they need to come 10-15
    minutes prior to their appointment to fill them out.

X-rays received:

  • If the patient mentioned that they were having x-rays transferred to our office, check to see if they have
    been received and make a note in the appointment block identifying where the x-rays can be found.

All Existing Patients

2 Appointments on the Same Day:

  • When confirming patients, make sure they do not have another appointment on the same day.

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