Assistant: Anticipating the Doctor’s Needs

Sample Scenarios

Remember – each office is different! Our documents are intended as suggestions and guidelines only and can be used as a starting point for conversation and your own system development.

Patient set up

Before the doctor walks into the room you must ensure that you get the patient set up. This may be a little different for each office, but essentially make sure the patient is ready for the procedure and when the doctor comes in you can get started. This includes but is not limited to, making sure they have gone to the bathroom if necessary, having them hang/set their bags or remove their hats, getting them a blanket, if they have back/neck issues offering them a back pillow etc., getting the patients bib and glasses on, making sure they have selected a movie/show, getting them set up with any other form of entertainment you may utilize.

Pull Up the Corresponding Information

You should always have any corresponding X-Rays pulled up on the computer as well as the patient chart. Sometimes you will want to leave the notes for the patient up if you will need them, as well as their patient information. You should have every piece of information you will need during this procedure visible on the computer, this way if the doctor asks you something, or they need to quickly look something over, you are already prepared and can do so quickly.

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