Assistant: Appropriate or Not – Worksheet

Below we have listed a few common and difficult scenarios within the office that you could find yourself in. We hope that through this worksheet you will be able to use this information on what is and is not appropriate and apply it to more realistic scenarios to help get you thinking about what is right for your office.

  1. )  The culture of your office is formal, everyone wears matching black scrubs. However, you just bought brand new blue scrubs and want to show case them at work. Is this appropriate?
    No, because your office ‘dress code’ can be determined loosely around your office culture. If your office’s culture is very formal, and you all need to wear one color scrubs, always, it is inappropriate because you would be going against your office’s culture.

  2. )  The doctors and office manager announce that this Friday is going to be a ‘casual Friday’ in celebration of summer. You decide to wear shorts and sandals and are promptly sent home. Why did this happen?
    ‘Casual day’ in your office did not mean sandals and shorts and it was considered to be inappropriate. What needed to happen was that you should have double checked with your doctors/office manager to see what exactly they had in mind for ‘casual day.’

  3. )  You are planning to get a tattoo with your mom next week and decide it would be best to have a meeting with your doctor and you let her know what you’re planning to get, where and when. She lets you know that it would be fine as long as you cover it with clothing while at work. Was this appropriate?

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