Assistant: How to Be a Leader – Overview


Your why is vital for a fulfilling and happy life. It is why you wake up in the morning, what drives you and what you do that you love. It is besides the money, and how much we make, your why is your success and what you do that makes you proud. Everyone needs a sense of success in something you do, that is your ‘why.’


  • Don’t use the word ‘just’ to describe yourself. You are not ‘just’ a dental assistant, you are vital for the office’s success and for your patient’s happiness.
  • Understand that dental assisting can be your passion and career, it is a serious position in the dental field and without you, dentistry wouldn’t be the same, you are the backbone of the office.
  • Your voice starts from your core, you are the beginning of your confidence and happiness.
  • You must be the one in control of your happiness, if someone else is consistently making you feel bad in the office, you have a potential problem.


  • Be good at what you do- Prioritize the quality of your work, and always doing your best in everything you do. Keep up to date with new technologies and new information, never be afraid to ask questions.
  • Earn respect and give respect- treat others how you would want to be treated, make sure that no matter what the scenario, you are treating the other person with respect.
  • Ask for feedback / help- Feedback helps you ensure that you are doing what you are supposed to. It helps you find areas where you can benefit and improve. Follow up with your doctor after your procedure if you feel like it could have gone better.

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