Assistant: Making Patients Comfortable

Role Playing Scenarios

Remember – each office is different! Our documents are intended as suggestions and guidelines only and can be used as a starting point for conversation and your own system development.


Patient: I’m really nervous about today, I have never been numb, I’ve never had a filling or a crown before, I’m nervous.

Assistant: Okay, you’re going to be all right, were going to give you a lot of topical, it helps numb the tissue, you won’t feel it as much, and then you can hold my hand. We will give you lots of breaks, the doctor is very nice, he understands and will give you as much time as you need and as many breaks as you need, we have plenty of time.

Patient: Okay, great.


Patient: So, I am a little nervous, I feel kind of weird, I am shaking. I don’t really feel right.

Assistant: Are you cold? Because we keep it a little colder in here in general, because we are walking around it gets hot for us. But, let me give you a blanket so you feel more comfortable.

Patient: Okay.

Assistant: It’s nice and fuzzy and comfy.

Patient: It looks warm. That’s much better.

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