Assistant: What the Doctor Looks For


Be lively and positive:
You are the first face patients see and you have the ability to help make them feel comfortable and at ease. Figure out what they like to talk about, what is important to them and help take their mind off of what is going on.

Jump in and help where needed:
Always look for what needs to be done, if you see people moving and working around you, you should ask what you can do.

While in the procedures a talkative assistant can be beneficial to help keep the patient’s mind off what is going on while the dentist focuses.

Knowing when to talk:
On the flip side, knowing when it is appropriate to talk is also very important. Talking excessively between patients is not appropriate.

Attention to detail:
Dentistry is a detail-oriented field and an assistant that has this trait is beneficial because they will focus on making sure everything is done exactly how it should be done.

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