Block Scheduling Policy

This Scheduling Coordinator resource document outlines the importance of how to block schedule, what happens when you don’t and the proper guidelines to follow for an effective and productive schedule.

Block Scheduling Policy

Each team member at some point will need to help with the schedule, it is important that everyone understands the reason for block scheduling and how to do it. Everyone should take responsibility for the schedule and do their part to ensure that there is an effective and productive schedule.

Without planning your schedule properly, you will most likely see the following:

  • Dissatisfied patients because the practice runs late and/or patients have to wait
  • Frustrated and burned-out staff members
  • Dentistry that becomes less enjoyable and increasingly stressful.
  • Decreasing practice revenues

Seeing too many people per day causes an excessive amount of work by front office and clinical professionals. In the treatment area, large numbers of patients create extensive setup and cleanup. The front office has to work hard

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