Calling on Outstanding Insurance

This Financial Coordinator resource provides a policy to manage outstanding insurance calls.

Calling on Outstanding Insurance Claims

Because we send so many claims daily, it becomes rather easy for a few to fall through the cracks. Most insurance companies accept electronic claims, which are typically returned to us within two weeks. However, some insurance companies only accept paper claims, which can take much longer to be returned. Whether the claim was sent by mail or electronically, it is important to track the status of claims over 30 days old.

  1. To print out the Outstanding Claims list, go to the home screen of EagleSoft and click on the printer

  2. Select the “Insurance” tab and scroll down to “Outstanding Claims by Aging Category”, select that by clicking “Process”

  3. Unclick the 0-29 Days Old box and then click “OK”

  4. Print the report by selecting the “Print” button on the top

  5. Staple the report together and highlight the patient names, dates of service, and ID#’s

  6. The report categorizes the claims by insurance company, so you can ask about each patient on one phone call

View the complete document and print out a copy for your office below!
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