Change of Start Time Confirmation

This Scheduling Coordinator resource document provides a checklist that can be used to track and monitor the number of weekly and monthly recare and insurance calls that are made.

Hygiene Start Time Confirmation

The hygiene schedule is the most dynamic schedule of the dental office and in order to maximize any times when patients cancel an appointment, this policy needs to be followed to ensure that effective communication occurs and that the team is on the same page. This communication and documentation happens on a regular basis between the hygienist and the hygiene coordinator and is necessary so that everyone on the team knows what is going on with changes in the hygiene schedule early and throughout the day.

On occasion, the first patient of the day may cancel or reschedule with short notice. When this happens the hygiene coordinator comes in expecting a patient only to find 90 minutes of time and tries to keep busy. It benefits everyone to know this schedule change ahead of time, if possible.

Examples of scenarios where the office does not get enough notice:

  • There may be a change when a patient will call in after hours to get an early appointment. In this case the hygienist would be called and alerted to the change back to their original start time.

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