Collecting Outstanding Balances

This Financial Coordinator resource provides a policy to establish the appropriate steps to take when managing collections in your office.

Collecting Outstanding Balances

Collecting outstanding balances from patients who have appointments each day is important to the financial flow of the office because it may be the only time we see them in a six month period.

This gives us the opportunity to discuss the details of their balance and collect the funds in person so that their amount owed does not continue to grow.

Each Day, the Financial Administrator will be responsible for going over the next day’s schedule to determine if any patients coming in have outstanding balances. They will print out a copy of the schedule and highlight in green across appointments with all claims paid and remaining balances. The account alert “COLLECT FULL BALANCE – READ PT. NOTES” will be selected and a detailed balance breakdown will be entered into their patient notes in green font.

View the complete document and print out a copy for your office below!
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