The dental assistant provides a valuable role for general patient care, regarding office function and maintenance. We work as a team to maintain the office appearance and proper function. Routine care will ensure that the office will work for us and help to minimize unforeseen failures which would otherwise interrupt patient care. The patient should always feel we did everything possible to make them comfortable. The assistant is an integral part of this function in that they spend a lot of time with the patient.

The lead assistant is to ensure that all of these duties listed below are being done in a timely, professional and complete manner. They will also certify that all assistants are fully trained on these duties and are assigned the duties accordingly.


  • Open office per office policy, if you are the first employee to arrive.
  • Once an administrative staff member has arrived, assure that the front door is open for early arriving patients.
  • Turn on pumps and sterilize. Fill the Ultrasonic and add the All Purpose Cleaner to the water.
  • Plug in and turn on Cerec machine in the morning. Turn on Cerec Milling Chamber and Glazing unit in Lab.
  • Ensure that everything is stocked and pull tags for any item that is running low and place in the “To be Ordered” bin.
  • Check and fill the water bottles on the chair and in the 12 O’clock unit.
  • Check the schedule and prepare the rooms as necessary for the first patient.
  • Review the entire day’s schedule and be prepared for the morning huddle at 20 minutes prior to first patient. Look for openings that could be filled and possible emergency slots to share with the front desk.
  • Check in with staff and help if needed.

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