Entering New Patient Paperwork

This Dental Receptionist resource document provides detailed information and definitions for the vital terms used while entering new patient information. Accuracy is vital when entering new patient information into your software. The entire practice relies on correct patient information to do their jobs.

Entering New Patient Information

Policyholder: The person who holds the insurance. The policyholder may or may not be a patient of the practice. The policyholder may or may not be the responsible party.

Patient: This person either has been seen or will be seen at the office.

Responsible Party: This person is responsible for the patient and/or the account of the patient. This might be the parent or guardian of a patient. The responsible party may or may not be a patient of the practice.


  • Billy is a patient of the practice – he is marked as patient
  • His Dad has dental insurance through his work and Billy gets the insurance as a dependent of dad. Dad is the policy holder but since he is not a patient he is not marked as a patient.

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