Examples of Dismissal Verbiage

Patient Not Following Periodontal Recommendation

Patient Name the severity of your periodontitis is such that I’m uncomfortable having you as a patient of record and not receiving recommended treatment. Not only are your teeth at risk of being lost, but your general health is also on the line.

I am recommending you receive a second opinion on your periodontal health. We will be available for emergencies for the next __________ and will forward all your records at no charge to an office of your choice.

We really do not want to lose you as a patient, however we feel very strongly about our job as your dentist and if your philosophy and ours are not in line, then we feel it is best for both parties to have you find a dentist that you do align with.

Please call if you have any questions about your dental health if you would like to discuss this treatment further or have your new dentist call if he needs additional information.

Patient Not Following Treatment Plan

We have seen you twice now for your dental exams and cleanings. You have quite a lot of active decay which will lead to tooth loss and potential infection. I am uncomfortable watching you deteriorate and unwilling to supervise the process. I am recommending you seek a third dental opinion at another office for your dental needs. Our office prides itself on doing whatever possible to make sure that our patients get the best dental care possible, which means taking steps to avoid future problems and pain.

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