Floater/Hygiene Assistant Daily Duties

This Office Manager resource provides a checklist and overview of tasks and daily duties of the Floater / Hygiene Assistant.

In addition to patient care, the floater/hygiene assistant seeks to ensure proper office function and maintenance. Routine care will ensure that the office will work for us and help to minimize unforeseen failures which would otherwise interrupt patient care. We are a team and should all work together to make sure everything is completed correctly. The patient should always feel we did everything possible to make them comfortable. The assistant is an integral part of this function in that they spend a lot of time with the patient.

Specific duties as floater/hygiene assistant are to ensure that all duties assigned to you by the lead assistant are being done in a timely, professional and complete manner. As an assistant, you follow all guidelines and policies outlined in assistant daily duties, as directed by lead assistant.


  • Review daily office schedule to see when help is going to be needed for lead dental assistant and hygienist(s).
  • Check with lead dental assistant and/or available clinical staff to see if anything needs to be done immediately.
  • Examine sterilization area/lab to see if anything needs to be done or room turned over.


General Office

  • Inquire with co-workers to assist whomever is in need.
  • Ensure everything is ready to get patients sat on time and the entire appointment runs smoothly.

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