Front Office Opening and Closing List

This Dental Receptionist resource document provides a policy and list of steps that must be done by the first person in from the front office team in the morning.

Front Desk Opening Policy

Each day we need to make sure we get certain things complete to open the office efficiently and at the end of the day to make sure we close the office correctly. The following is an itemized list of steps to take by the first person in from the front office team in the morning. These responsibilities can be delegated to other front office employees; however, it is the first person of the day’s responsibility to make sure it was completed correctly.

Turn Off The Alarm

  • If you are the first employee to enter the office, the alarm will be activated and you must turn it off within 60 seconds. This can be done by entering your code into the alarm key pad.

Forward and Unforward Phones

  • The phones are to be forwarded to doctor’s cell phone when no one is available to answer phones in the office. They are to be removed from forward as soon as someone arrives to the office that can answer them.

View the complete document and print out a copy for your office below!
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