Headset Policy

This Office Manager resource provides a list of the communication guidelines for your dental team.

Headset Policy

Each employee except the doctor(s) wears a headset while working to stay in communication with everyone else and to
save time trying to track people down to get things done. Headset communication is important too for the office manager
to manage the flow of the office and the patients in the office.

Headset Guidelines

  • When you first put your headset on, make sure it works and you can be heard. This can be done by saying “test” in
    the microphone and someone will respond that you have been heard.
  • When communicating something, first start with the person’s name you are communicating with, if there is a specific
    person you are talking to and then the message.
  • When making an announcement that you are taking a patient from point A to point B, do it a few seconds before you
    start to walk the patient to the next location, so the person needed to take that patient from you has time to be

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