Hygiene Schedule Priority Policy

This Scheduling Coordinator resource document lists, in order of importance, the daily role of the scheduler to ensure a full and productive hygiene schedule each day.

Hygiene Schedule Priority Policy

The following is a list of priorities, in order of importance, in hygiene and how to handle certain situations.

  1. SCHEDULE – keep the schedule full. This is the top priority. Everything else can wait. We do not make money when there are holes in the schedule. Actually it is quite the opposite. We wind up paying for hygienists to be here and we are losing money when they are not with a patient. When looking for patients to fill holes, here are the places to look.

    a. SIP – look in the quick fill list for SIP appointments that might want the time you have available.
    b. NP appointments. Most patients call really wanting to get in asap. New Patients are good candidates for moving up. Also if you have a hole today while you are confirming for 2 days from now, ask patients at that time if they want to move up.
    c. Next look to the next day. Ideally I try to match patients with times. So if Sue has a 2 pm tomorrow and a 2 pm opened up today, I would call and offer. I would go out a few days with this tactic. If that fails just start calling patients and offering. This is why we want to keep detailed notes as to the times they like.
    d. Last resort is to look at staff who might be overdue for cleaning.

  2. SCHEDULE – please refer to priority #1. It is that important.

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