Hygiene Scheduling Guidelines

This Scheduling Coordinator resource document provides guidelines to create a well-rounded and productive hygiene schedule in your office.

Hygiene Scheduling Guidelines

In order to have a productive day with Hygiene, we need to have some variety in the schedule. We need to have a good mix of prophys, new patients and perio during any given day. This gives us the opportunity to have new patients to treatment plan, prophy patients to examine, and perio patients for treatment.

When booking Hygiene, follow these guidelines:

  1. ) Attempt to have at least 2-3 new patients scheduled on each day. However, do not schedule two new patients side by side on the same day.

  2. ) Try to split the remaining appointments that day to half perio and half prophies if at all possible.

  3. ) Unless special circumstances arise, all new patients should come in through hygiene, however in order to make them fit, if the doctor has available time, then schedule ½ hour with doctor first to do exam and x-rays and then hour with RDH for a prophy. MUST FOLLOW SCHEDULING GUIDELINES ABOVE FIRST. This will give the doctor time to treatment plan prior to doing a consult if needed.

When a New Patient Gets In Operatory Late:

  • For many reasons, new patients run late – which can wreak havoc on our hygiene schedule because it is difficult to make up time in a new patient appt and be able to provide them with great service. Here are a few guidelines of how to handle this:

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