HYGIENIST: Getting Patient from the Reception Area – The Right Way

  1. Walk into the reception area and find your patient (utilize their patient photo or any information you may have on hand), approach them with a bright smile and good eye contact. Say their name, loud enough to get their attention but not too loud to be rude.

  2. When they look up smile and extend your hand for a hand shake. Make sure to give them a confident, firm, hand shake, however not firm enough to be uncomfortable. Introduce yourself and welcome them in, letting them know it’s nice to see them.

  3. Let them know they can follow you back to your room and walk (at an appropriate speed) back to your operatory, while making
    small talk and checking back to ensure they are still following you. Ask something to break the ice and help them begin to feel comfortable, maybe “did you have a good drive over?” “How has your day been? What have you been up to?”

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