Insurance Information Found & Noted

This Financial Coordinator resource provides policy and supporting form to know what to capture and how to make accurate notes. 

Insurance Information Found and Noted

When a new patient comes to us or a patient’s insurance changes, the front desk calls the insurance to verify their benefits and gets the breakdown of coverage. This information is initially written on a Benefit Breakdown sheet which is then scanned into the patient’s documents.

For Percentage Covered – percent that each procedure is covered at is filled into the small boxes at the bottom of the window, which assist us in estimating what insurance will cover. For percent or coverage – look at the % are. This can be found for the clinical staff in the patient’s chart. For the front office staff, this is found in the employer/insurance information.

Certain ones have been separated out, such as: Night Guards; Ortho Adult; Posterior Composites.

For Frequencies and Limitations – look in the insurance box with notes. The auto note is outlined as follows:

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