Morning Review of Schedule

This Office Manager resource provides a guideline for conducting your morning review of your schedule.

Patient Control Morning Schedule Review

It is important to take the time first thing in the morning to look at the schedule and determine if there is anything in the day that needs to be remedied, moved, handled, etc. Looking for and addressing these issues early in the day helps keep the office running smoothly and productively.

YOUR WORDS: What does it mean to look at the schedule from a “Bird’s Eye View”?

Areas To Review In The Morning

Emergencies – in the morning, look for where are good spots for emergencies to go by determining when you will have a CHAIR AND A CLINICIAN available to see that emergency. Share that with your scheduling staff so they know when the emergency patient calls in to be seen.

Amount Scheduled versus Production Goal – you want to determine how likely are you to hit production goal and if there needs to be a lot more attention placed on today’s schedule to hit the goal or if it looks like you will achieve that goal if all your patients show up. Helps to determine where your energy needs to go with regards to filling the schedule more for today or more towards another day that needs some more production.

View the complete document and print out a copy for your office below!
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