Narratives Required by Insurance Agencies

This Financial Coordinator resource provides a list of treatments that typically require a narrative from insurance companies when submitting a claim. This list is a good starting point of reference to determine whether your claim should include a narrative at submission. Remember to add to it as you discover additional treatments that require narratives.

Narratives Usually Required by Insurance Companies

Crown: X-ray, date of original placement if replaced

Core Build-up: x-ray with narrative, “Less than 50% of the clinical crown remained necessitating core build up for required crown support.”

Root Canal: X-ray

Bridge: X-ray of each tooth involved, date of originally placement if a replacement or date the missing tooth was extracted.

Scaling and root planning: Periodontal diagnosis, CRS or Panex with BW’s, probings

Denture: PANEX, Date of original placement or date of last extraction

Partials: PANEX, list of teeth numbers missing, date of originally placement of date or last extraction

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