New Patient Flow

This Office Manager resource teaches you step by step about new patient flow in the dental office. From that first point of contact, the new patient phonecall, to arrival and booking that next appointment, this guide walks you through the process.



Schedule New Patient – Trained Employee

  • Completely handle phone call in a friendly and welcoming tone.
  • Make sure to get email address and cell phone number for RevenueWell communication.
  • Ensure the patient knows to fill out new patient paperwork ahead of time or knows to arrive 15 min early.
  • Find out if they have insurance they want us to verify and get pertinent information so office can verify it. Insurance company, employer, group number, social security/identification number and policy holder will be needed if so.
  • Repeat day and time of their appointment so you are sure they have it correct.
  • Enter referral information as to how they heard of office.

Enter New Patient Into Software & Add To New Patient List – Employee Handling Phone Call

  • Enter all patient and insurance information given. Most importantly email and cell phone.
  • Add any notes on the patient in the appointment screen and any personal information they told you.
  • Notes about preferences they have with their appointment times and days of the week

View the complete document and print out a copy for your office below!
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