Welcome to your new role in this great dental office. We are glad you joined the team.

In order to train you on many aspects of the front office, we utilize a Front Office Training Website to show you videos that will train you on much of what you will need to know when it comes to a lot of what happens in a dental office on a daily basis. These videos employ ideas and concepts of things that would likely be done within our dental office; however, do not override our offices policies and procedures. You will hear many times in the videos, to ask your office manager or dentist about how they would want you to handle something. These training videos are used to help you with overall concepts and skills. If you have specific questions about how things should be handled or things that might contradict with what you were told by one of our employees, please bring it to the attention of the Office Manager or dentist so they can let you know what exactly they would like done. Below is a checklist to help guide your training through the site and the videos.

This Office Manager resource provides a handy checklist to help your new front office team member get up to speed and ready to train on the first day.

View the complete document and print out a copy for your office below!

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