Office Manager Daily Duties

This Office Manager Daily Duties list can be used to track and monitor the daily, weekly and monthly tasks and responsibilities.

Dental Office Manager Daily Duties

This essential position is responsible for the overall management of the day to day operations of the dental office. The role critically monitors patient flow, goal attainment, staff training and daily operations of office and staff. The office manager acts as the liaison between the dentist and the employees of the office and is also required to assist with general front office duties.


  • Conduct huddle on time and manage that time to ensure it runs like office policy.
  • Review daily schedule to ensure goal will be met while looking for possible issues to address in morning huddle.
  • Check in with doctor to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed or handled.
  • Follow up with employees individually after huddle to confirm their issues were addressed.
  • Keep running total of office production for doctor and hygienist and post on board each morning

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