Office Noise Policy

This Office Manager resource outlines how to manage the noise level in your office.

Office Noise Policy

If you have all the operatories being used at the same time and employees sitting at most computers, you need to recognize the amount of noise in the office.

  1. ) When you are taking lunch break, if there are more than one of you in the kitchen, try to remember to close the door to the kitchen to help keep noise down.

  2. ) When putting on a movie/show for patients, ESPECIALLY KIDS – when appropriate, try to use headphones for them to listen to it. It can be distracting to the other patients, when the TV noise is loud.

  3. ) When in the consult room with a patient, try to remember to close the consult room door. It can be distracting to the patient in the consult room with all the noise coming from the hallway.

View the complete document and print out a copy for your office below!
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