Old Patient Returns with Outstanding Treatment

This Treatment Coordinator resource document provides a policy to manage returning patients and their outstanding treatment.

Old Patient Returns With Outstanding Treatment

  • Most of our patients schedule their treatment at the time of the consultation and get it done in a timely manner, however, there are a few patients that just don’t follow that rule. With a high level of commitment, we work to get them scheduled by calling them, emailing them and sometimes bringing them back in for a second consult.

  • When a patient that has not done treatment comes back in for an emergency or a cleaning, this is our opportunity to hard sell the patient again on taking care of their dental work. We look at this as another opportunity to help them understand what they have going on, and encouraging them to take care of it.

  • When the patient is back in our office, a new treatment plan needs to be entered into their chart so that we can show once again that we have diagnosed either the same treatment that was previously discussed or to document that their condition has progressed and has been altered. Either way, a new treatment plan needs to be entered so that the fees will be updated to their current rate.

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