Performance Evaluation Form – Dental Assistant

Ready for the next Performance Evaluation of your Dental Assistants? Download and print this handy Office Manager Resource and Evaluation Form that covers everything from Clinical Skills and Duties, to Work Ethic, Insurance knowledge and Communication Skills.


Evaluation Standards


Performance far exceeded expectations due to exceptionally high quality of work performed in all essential areas of responsibility, resulting in an overall quality of work that was superior; and either 1) included the completion of a major goal or project, or 2) made an exceptional or unique contribution in support of unit, department, or University objectives. This rating is achievable by any employee though given infrequently.

(EE)Exceeds expectations

Performance consistently exceeded expectations in all essential areas of responsibility, and the quality of work overall was excellent. Annual goals were met.

(ME)Meets expectations

Performance consistently met expectations in all essential areas of responsibility, at times possibly exceeding expectations, and the quality of work overall was very good. The most critical annual goals were met.

(I)Improvement needed

Performance did not consistently meet expectations – performance failed to meet expectations in one or more essential areas of responsibility, and/or one or more of the most critical goals were not met. A professional development plan to improve performance must be outlined in Section 4, including timelines, and monitored to measure progress.


Performance was consistently below expectations in most essential areas of responsibility, and reasonable progress toward critical goals was not made. Significant improvement is needed in one or more important areas. In section four there is a plan to correct performance. Timelines must be outlined and monitored to measure progress.

*The inclusion of goals is typically a consideration in assessing the overall rating

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