Recare Call Policy

This Scheduling Coordinator resource document provides an overview of a Recare Call Policy to help aid in recare calls to your dental patients.


It is our policy that patients book their recare appointment before they leave their last appointment for any treatment with us.

We should always try to have every patient leave here with a future visit scheduled. The reason we do this is because it’s easier to remind them when their appointment is rather than having to track them down to get scheduled. Many patients might not even know what they are doing 6 months from now, but the best way to explain this policy to them is:

“You might not even know what you have going on 6 months from now – but what we like to do at Scripps Rock Dental is go ahead and book the appointment for you now at a day and time you think might work. Then 14 days prior to the appointment you will get a reminder from our office via Revenuewell. If that day and time we previously selected does not work for you then – just call and reschedule with us. This way you have the appointment and you won’t fall through the cracks.”

View the complete document and print out a copy for your office below!