Receptionist ‘How To’ Checklist

This Dental Receptionist resource document provides a detailed checklist of the tasks, skills and knowledge generally required to be successful as a Dental Receptionist. This checklist can be printed and filled out by the trainer, or Office Manager.

Receptionist Duties ‘How To’ Checklist

EMPLOYEE NAME: __________________________________________________

Initials and date of trainer – signed once it has been observed that the task can be done acceptably.

(Anyone can train on any topic however the ones for Office Manager only to sign off need to be double-checked /reviewed with Office Manager).

____ Answers phone correctly

____ Can place a call on hold/transfer, etc.

____ Knows how to take a great message * (only Office Manager can sign off)

____ Handles new patient questions * (only Office Manager can sign off)Receptionist Duties ‘How To’ Checklist

View the complete document and print out a copy for your office below!