Scheduling Policy Points

This Scheduling Coordinator resource document provides an overview of important points to consider when arranging the scheduling policy for your dental practice.

Scheduling Policy

No matter what position you hold within this organization, the daily schedule of patients affects you and your position. A good schedule can make everyone’s day smooth and keep our production on task. A poor schedule can cause unnecessary stress, and keep the office from achieving our individual and team goals. Therefore, it is very important that each and every team member understand and abide by the scheduling policy. The scheduler is ultimately responsible for the daily production of the Doctors and of the Hygiene Department. Another can help but one must be responsible. No one else touches the appointment book to include the doctor, unless directed by the person responsible.

  • The initials of whomever schedules the appointment needs to be put into the appointment block, located in the staff field in the appointment screen
  • Not the doctor or hygienist ever tells the patient a specific date or time they need to be seen unless they know that the time is available and it follows all scheduling policies.
  • If the doctor or hygienist approves an appointment not following this policy, then put a note in the note field stating that.

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