TEAM TRAINING: Back Office Terminology & Definitions

Periodontist: A specialty dentist who’s focus is on the structures surrounding the teeth as well as gums. Periodontists are primarily concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment regarding diseases that affect those structures. An example of such disease would be periodontitis (an advanced case of gum disease). While being trained to be a general dentist they went on to complete extra studies to become a periodontist.

Prosthodontist: A specialty dentist who works with the artificial replacements within the mouth; such as the manufacturing, design and placement of such artificial replacements. An example of this could be an implant. Same situation as above, they went on to become a specialized dentist.

Prosthetic cases: As relating to the definition above, this would be one or more artificially made devices which are used to look like and preform the same as a natural tooth.

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