Treatment Coordinator Daily Duties

This Treatment Coordinator resource provides a Treatment Coordinator Daily Duties list to stay on track and ahead of the day.


Being an excellent communicator is a vital skill for the treatment coordinator. Patients will have a better understanding of recommended treatment, allowing for well informed decisions. The treatment coordinator will oversee complete cycle of clinical diagnosis to a patient with a clear financial agreement to pay for treatment. As a member of the team, the assistant will be expected to assist with patient inquiries, insurance questions, and facilitate with general front office duties.


Consultation Management

  • Conduct or assist patient consultation as directed by doctor.
  • Prepare financial treatment plans, calculate fees based on fee schedules and present plan options to patient.
  • Make all financial arrangements with patient after doctor has left the consultation.
  • Assist patients with financing options, insurance questions and treatment concerns.
  • Maintain and use tickler file and delayed treatment file.
  • Record chart entries from phone or in-person conversations when appropriate.
  • Manage charts for treatment plans, treatment conferences, letters and phone calls.

Patient Management

  • If indicated, set up appointment for patient with specialist or general dentist. Coordinate with specialist’s or general dentist’s
    office and send and pertinent information and documents.

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