Treatment Plan Follow Up Policy

This Treatment Coordinator resource document provides a policy to outline what steps need to be taken for each patient that requires treatment plan follow up, including weekly and monthly meeting updates.

Treatment Plan Follow Up Policy

  • At the end of the consult with a patient, the treatment plan coordinator needs note what happened with the patient and any follow up that is needed. They should put notes in the appointment screen and note if there is anything that needs to be remembered for their next visit, such as the amount to collect, etc.

  • Fill in the auto note called “Consult Note” and follow the outline displayed. At the end of the notes, the treatment plan coordinator should put amount presented, the dollar amount accepted and the date that they scheduled so that the doctor can go into the notes from the treatment plan coordinator at any point, review what happened, and see when they are scheduled.

  • The doctors should also make sure that they put in their notes regarding the appointment, send out any appropriate referral letters or follow up with treatment plan coordinator on anything outstanding.

View the complete document and print out a copy for your office below!
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