Weekly Executive Meeting

This Office Manager instruction form will act as a guideline and agenda for the weekly executive meeting.

Weekly Executive Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to bring the management team together to review the past week and make a plan for the upcoming week. This meeting is also used to discuss each division of the office to make sure there is nothing going on that needs to be handled and/or discuss opportunities to make things run more smoothly.

This meeting lasts for a set maximum period of time and therefore if a topic seems to start to dominate the time of the meeting and is not an emergency then it needs to be deemed important enough to be handled in another meeting, ie…owner meeting, etc.. This meeting is based on facts and if real facts are not brought to substantiate a claim then it will be sent back to confirm with data (ie.. I feel that people aren’t working hard enough… I know that for the last week 50% of the employees came to work late).

View the complete document and print out a copy for your office below!
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