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AR Accounts Out of Control?

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What are your dental practice’s guidelines for accounts receivables (AR)? Do those guidelines make sure your practice collects what you’re owed? As office manager, you’re responsible for verifying that your office collects from both insurance companies and patients, and is paid for work completed.

A good collection ratio for a dental office is 95% to 99%. This means the month-to-month collections might vary depending on many factors, but over a 12-month period the office collects nearly all of what is produced. This is not the case in some practices.

If you need some help cleaning up old AR accounts or helping with collections, we recommend…

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We would like to introduce you to Andy Cleveland, better known as the AR Ninja. Andy and his team help take the pain out of dental practices chasing their patient billing, past due accounts & collections. He works with independent and group practices all over the country and is passionate about making a positive impact in cash flow, improving operational efficiency and boosting morale.

For a flat low monthly fee, his U.S. based team will strategically work your patient accounts so your staff can focus on more important tasks.  You will keep 100% of the recovery and the patient can pay you or them, whichever you prefer. His goal is to get the practice paid and get the patient back in the chair for additional treatment, a unique benefit to their service.

They have developed HIPAA compliant, progressive technology that integrates with most dental software and they provide this at no charge to their clients.  This allows the practice to view all of their outstanding balances and it empowers you to act on that intelligence. Their team only works the accounts you choose to submit and they also have an option for you to receive a weekly email to approve accounts going to them, so there is no need for you to log in. It could not be any easier, quicker, or safer for them to start working your patient balances.

You can find more information about their services at their website at www.andycleveland.com or reach them by phone at 864-517-2233 or email arninja@andycleveland.com.