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Can you tell me more about Dental Intel?

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Yes, of course. We have recently partnered with Dental Intel to bring more training to offices so they can see a real difference in the metrics you already receive.

And, with our partnership you can use the coupon code DIROCKS to start training for $50 off your first month. We are subscription based (no contracts!) and that gives you the first month at $174. The cost after is $224 per month for unlimited access to 24/7 training in all areas of the front office and 25 webinars recorded and saved for our clients.

We are also developing a training tool to use in conjunction with the your Di Profitability Formula that will align our training directly to each piece of a productive office!

In addition, I want to tell you that as a client, you will be provided with a dedicated support specialist who will meet with you to discuss your office training goals and needs and develop a custom training plan!