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Have questions about HIPAA or HR specific questions?

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We like to leave the specifics of implementing any HR processes up to the experts and have a couple of great resources for clients to reach out to.

They can help make sure our clients are compliant with state laws, etc., HIPAA training, and many other HR questions. Their contact information is below and a flyer attached for each one.

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CEDR Solutions
Lindsey Epperson, Business Development Manager
602.476.1418 ext. 309

Stream Dental HR

Samantha and her team have also created this awesome Dental Human Resources Check-Up Guide to download for your office!

Samantha Leonard
CEO, Co-Founder at Stream Dental Staffing Solution
P 1.800.260.3491
E samantha@streamdental.ca
W streamdentalstaffing.com

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DDS Rescue
DDS Rescue which is a company that we have referred to for years for their back up system for servers for dental office computers, now offers HIPAA assessments and consulting. Flyer is attached so you have it for reference and their contact information is below.

Steven W. White
Vice President
Sales and Marketing
(800) 998-9048 ext 107