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How can we better track our practice numbers and KPI’s?

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Anyone who works in a dental office knows how busy it can be on a day-to-day basis. Between patient care and running the office, it is easy for productivity to slip. Tasks can get forgotten or pursuing practice goals can get pushed down the priority list because of the demands of the day.

If you want to improve your dental office intelligence, we recommend…
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Reaching out to the team at Dental Intel!

Front Office Rocks, together with Dental Intelligence, is taking all the guess work out of growing a thriving dental practice.

Tracking and reviewing data helps you pinpoint performance breakdowns so you know which processes and systems need to be optimized and which are performing well.

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We’ve created a Data + Training Action Guide to show you exactly what training videos your team needs to watch first. Not only will you know what areas to improve, but how to improve them through training alignment.

To help you fill in the gaps and find solutions to problems you may not even know existed…

We would also like to introduce you to Kelly and Anna Schwartz, Founders of Schwartz Consulting Group.

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Schwartz Consulting Group

Kelly & Anna Schwartz

Contact Kelly here!


Do you have a copy of Kelly and Anna’s downloadable resource, Case Acceptance tells all, yet? Get yours, here!

Then, watch our interview video and read on below to learn more about Schwartz Consulting Group, Kelly’s philosophy and what they have to offer your dental practice!


“We dig in and improve systems around the cause and effect, everything that happens, happens for a reason – and everything that doesn’t, happens for another.”

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