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How do we find out how many CE credits each course is worth?

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Front Office Rocks offers several courses for continuing education. Below is a list of courses and their corresponding CE credit value.

Doctor & OM Training – 8 Hours of CE
Answering Phones – 5 Hours of CE
Communication & Customer Service – 4 Hours of CE
Basic Back Office Track – 3 Hours of CE
Presentation & Case acceptance – 3 Hours of CE
Insurance & Patient Financials – 6 Hours of CE
Team’s Impact on The Schedule – 1 Hour of CE
Dental Hygienist – 4 Hours of CE
Dental Assistant Development – 5 Hours of CE
Recare, Reactivate & Retain – 4 Hours of CE
Scheduling Basics – 3 Hours of CE
Practice Management Software – 8 Hours of CE
Positive Office Culture – 11 Hours of CE
Hiring & Employee Management – 1.5 Hours of CE
Insurance Mastery – 5 Hours of CE
Marketing a Dental Practice – 6.5 Hours of CE

Use the Updated Video Checklist  to see how long specific courses are and to assign training to your team.