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We know the perfect person to help your hygiene department elevate their level of patient care!

If you want to help your hygiene team learn how to better utilize perio codes, learn better systems and better ways to communicate, we recommend…
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Are you ready to meet one of our favorite hygiene training consultants?

We would like to introduce you to Wendy Briggs, the Founder of Hygiene Diamonds and The Team Training Institute!




Hygiene Diamonds

The Team Training Institute

Wendy Briggs

Contact Wendy Briggs here.

Have you requested a copy of Wendy’s downloadable e-book yet?

Please help yourself to this link we have been given to share with you!

Then, watch our interview video to learn more about Wendy Briggs, her philosophy and what she has to offer your hygiene team and dental practice!


“It’s small and simple changes that can make a world of difference for the practice, that is what we focus on and help dentists see.”

~ Wendy Briggs[/mepr-active]