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What is the difference between the online training and live event training?

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We love our clients and there’s no doubt you’re already improving your practice from our online courses and monthly webinars. One thing we’ve learned over the years is that some people like to hear ideas presented in different ways. Our seminars are complimentary to our online training, but we’re taking your team out of their safe zone, eliminating distractions, and putting you with a group of your peers. One thing our online training cannot account for is the ideas generated through our open discussions and group work. You’ll learn from others in the industry that have 50+ years under their belts.

The 5 Key Benefits to Attending a Live Seminar:

  1. Remove distractions and immerse in the training
  2. It’s a team building event
  3. Participate with peers experiencing the same struggles
  4. Ask questions in real time specific to your practice
  5. It motivates your team to reach for more and invest in your vision, mission, and practice goals.