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Successful online dental team training requires communication, planning, and starting off on the right foot. So we’ve created a “Getting Started Training Track” designed to help you and your team implement training. 

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If you haven’t started  your training subscription yet, schedule a call with us and let’s talk about your office’s needs, how our training works, and how to get started.

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Jennifer White

Onboarding Specialist

Hi! I am Jennifer White. I have been working with business owners for the past 10 years managing everything from marketing, practice management, operations, sales, and customer service. Through the outpouring of many great leaders before me, I have learned that you can use the latest technology and market your business in all the right places, but if your team does not understand the value of your client you put yourselves at a disadvantage to your competition. I believe that the most valuable resource to a company is their people. And there is nothing that I am more passionate about than helping business owners provide exceptional client care…well, unless you count my two sweet (yet also very spicy) children. I am pretty passionate about them, too!

My favorite part about what I do here at Front Office Rocks is that I know the trickle effect of what will be learned here. We are not just teaching you how to run a successful dental office – although that in and of itself is pretty awesome. I know that you and your team will take what you have learned and start changing experiences for your patients and it will start making a difference – not just in the lives or your patients, but in the lives of your team members as well.

Welcome aboard. I truly am excited to have you here and I look forward to getting to know you and your team!


Implementation Is The Key To Success

While the focus of integrating our Front Office Rocks training program is on growth and creating the ultimate customer service culture within your practice, it is important to be aware that success is contingent on implementation. In each module of our Getting Started Track we help you identify where to begin, identify the outcome you expect after a training module, and which role will benefit the most from which training, and how to engage your team in continual training.

Your Practice Matters To Us

We love a great onboarding process. While ongoing training is important too, there’s something special about the first few days after you’ve signed up. We want to help you customize our training for your team and tailor the training tracks to specific hurdles in your office. The Getting Started Track will  teach you how to use our online training platform, how to solve problems, and alleviate concerns by using the tools and resources we provide. With our Getting Started Track we’ll help you set expectations and pave the way for success and growth among your dental team and practice.

Let’s Get Started!

Ready to get started? Book your call now so we can:

  1. discuss your unique practice goals.
  2. establish measurements for success.
  3. develop a custom training plan from the very beginning.

Ongoing collaboration is super important to us, and this is a two-way street. After booking your call, visit your dashboard to start the Getting Started Track. We’ve included downloadable homework in each module to aid in your training goals.

Where Can You Find Self Guided Resources? 

Ready to jump into your new training now? Awesome!

We’ve created a self-help section on our site to help offices navigate the platform, learn how to set up their students, and answer common questions about your subscription and account.

Here’s how to use our self-guided resource center