Question: How do I get more patients to accept my treatment plans?

ANSWER: There are three things that I suggest when working to help patients accept the treatment plans, Clear, Confident and Caring. First, don’t present too many options to the patients because a confused mind won’t buy. Present to the patient the best option and let them know why you are treatment planning that for them. [mepr-show if=”loggedout”]Members only resources[/mepr-show] [mepr-active memberships=”629,630,37388,37393,37672,37676,37670,37668,37674,44674,232156″ ifallowed=”show” unauth=”message” unauth_message=”Answer hidden, please login or purchase a membership to view.”] Next be confident in your presentation because if the patient hears any hesitation in your voice or the way you present, they are less likely to believe or trust you. Lastly, make sure you care about them and they know it. Dentistry is not something most people love and if they feel you are just after their money or trying to fill the schedule with production, they won’t accept. People don’t care what you do until they know that you care.[/mepr-active]

For more training on case acceptance watch these videos
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