Question: How can we get our patients to leave online reviews???


Great question! First, let me say CONGRATULATIONS! I am glad you realize how important online reviews are to the practice.

People are looking online for help with making decisions about everything from restaurants to healthcare providers. So, it only makes sense that dental offices have an online presence as well.

Patients are judging us, but probably now how you think. They are judging us not on the clinical skills of the doctor but on how they FEEL when they are on the phone with us or with us face to face in the office. They want to feel comfortable, cared for and heard. They want to know we are going to do our best to help them.
Every person on the team should be prepared to ask a patient for a review. If a patient says something, anything, positive about their experience -that is your chance. “Thank you so much for that compliment! We would love to share that with other people. Would you be willing to provide an online review for us?”. Most patients will say yes, of course, they will, and forget as soon as they exit the building.

A few tips about asking for reviews and making sure patients follow through:

1. Remind patients of your online presence – email blasts, confirmation messages, your voicemail message – are all ways to get the word out.
2. Send a link to via email or text immediately after their appointment thanking them for reviewing the practice. 3. Any positive comment – “That was so easy!”, “Thanks for getting me in today”, “The lady on the phone was so friendly!” – Should be followed by a thank you and a request.

Good luck and shoot for 5 stars with each and every patient!