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Chapter 1


Understand the why behind what you do, change your mindset and begin to focus on aspects of your practice – other than the dentistry you provide.

Chapter 2


Know the purpose of your practice as the dentist and business owner. Be sure your employees and patients know and share your purpose.

Chapter 3


Dive deeper into the six key principles of effective communication and why it is the key to your success as a leader.

Chapter 4


The front office receptionist is the face and voice of the practice and is often the first and last point of contact with patients.

Chapter 5


Dental office scheduling includes more than understanding how to schedule a patient. The team relies on a full and accurate schedule every day.

Chapter 6

Treatment Coordinator

This is a high profile position and serves as the liaison between you and the patient. This role must understand the treatment itself and why it is needed.

Chapter 7

Financial Coordinator

The financial aspect of the practice not only includes interaction with insurance companies, but the patients themselves. This role ensures the office is paid.

Chapter 8

Office Manager

This role is an extension of you, the doctor, and oversees patient flow and the daily operations of the practice. The right person in this position is vital to a well-run office.

Chapter 9


Without regular check-ins on your progress, you don’t have control and you don’t know whether you’re moving toward success.

Chapter 10

Next Handoff

It’s time to look at where you go from here as a better owner and leader of your practice.