Immediate Training Results

After observing many, many dental teams, I’ve seen how busy most offices are. But are they effective? Are they really getting the job done? Are they reaching the goals the owner has for the practice? As an office manager, I’d say generally not, for the simple reason that they aren’t trained appropriately. That’s why I developed Front Office Rocks. We train your front desk staff on day-to day tasks. We also teach them how to be more productive and efficient. We focus on helping your employees understand the “why” of their jobs and how to do those jobs exceptionally.

The training we offer will help your employees handle more, accomplish tasks more effectively, and make fewer mistakes. It’s designed to be used from the day an employee starts, helping them understand their job and making them a productive part of the team right away. New hires can take as long as a month to learn their jobs. But with Front Office Rocks, a person with little or no dental experience can start contributing her first day, and without having to pull another employee or office manager away from his or her tasks!

Our online, easy-to-implement training also helps all members of your staff learn how to deal with more. They become accustomed to taking initiative in times of need, performing tasks that they’d otherwise be hesitant to tackle. Cross-training gives employees the confidence to jump in when needed. Your front desk will be more efficient and team-oriented as a result; everyone knows they can rely on one another in moments of crisis.

A well-trained, efficient and productive team needs less supervision, freeing up the Office Manager and the Doctor to focus on executive (and patient) responsibilities. Your team gets the training they need, when they need it, and the entire office becomes more effective as a result.