Increase Employee Productivity

Although dentists often view training as a necessary expense, it’s actually an investment, one with tangible returns. Well-trained staff contribute to a smooth-running office, and an efficient office is a maximally profitable one. By providing a high level of training, Front Office Rocks teaches your employees how to deal with challenging situations and meet the needs of your patients. And having well-trained, confident and competent employees increases your teams productivity.

Your most valuable asset is your employees. Invest in them thoughtfully and strategically and you’ll reap rewards now and for years to come.

Training Your Employees. Employees who feel skilled and know they are contributing in a meaningful fashion devote their personal energy to the job. And they’re more likely to stay put. Low turnover means less new-hire training and more time spent on the day-to-day business for office managers and front office staff.

It’s essential to have a new-hire protocol that educates fresh employees on all relevant aspects of the business. In Standardized Training For New Hires, you’ll learn how to systematize in-office training so that new employees are trained the same way every time, and nothing is overlooked.

As new and existing employees grow with your practice, Front Office Rocks keeps things fresh with Improve Staff Performance And Refreshers. Ongoing personnel growth is a paradigm of good business practice. Front Office Rocks will keep you and your team on the cutting edge with new videos that reflect the continuing evolution of the dental industry.

Your employees will make fewer mistakes. A motivated, highly trained employee is prone to fewer mistakes; she tries to get things right the first time. Having many such employees creates an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence that feeds on itself: more trust, fewer mistakes, less turnover, lower overhead.

Our videos can be used to cross-train current staff in multiple jobs. Cross-training ensures that your employees take initiative in times of need by performing tasks they might not otherwise have been trained for.

Your employees will be better able to handle novel situations and meet the needs of your customers no matter the circumstance. When staff Learn To Deal With More, they gain confidence in their abilities and take on increasing ownership of patient welfare and the practice overall.

When your staff is trained properly, less supervision is required. This allows your Office Manager (or you) to focus on higher-level responsibilities and long-term strategic goals. A front office staff that can handle more, is more autonomous, and makes fewer mistakes is a boon your bottom line—and truly rocks!