What’s new this month at Front Office Rocks?

JUNE 2018

NOTICE: You asked, we listened and have added a date and time stamp to our wildly popular grade book feature, as well “opt-out” button that allows account manager to opt-out of our weekly student reports.

We have also recently added several new front office resources including: new employee evaluation forms, checklists, webinars and our Office Manager portal!

Did you know?  Front Office Rocks ​has been​ ​approved by the AGD to offer​ continuing education credits (CE) for our online training modules​, webinars as well as our live events​! We have also partnered with My CE Market and their CE Tracker tool as a free added bonus to your membership with us.

If you, or your staff, are interested in earning CE for your training, please reach out to us to review your account. Courses completed prior to March 7th, will not qualify. We will work with you and your team to reset course progress so you may earn CE credits going forward. 

Click here to visit our new Office Manager Portal or visit the link in the menu above!

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