Mystery Calls

Made Easy

What is a Mystery Call?

A Mystery Call is a method we use to hear what your patients hear when they call your office. The call is made anonymously and your office team is asked a series of questions (we’ve perfected this process!) to identify gaps in customer service from the patient perspective. But, it’s not just about the questions we ask. We are listening for other very important clues from your team – attitude, personality, tone and phone basics. A Mystery Call will tell you whether your team has the #respectthephone mentality or not.

How do Mystery Calls work?

It’s a simple process. You provide us with the names of who you want us to call, the times they work and we take care of the rest. We will call the office at various times, several times to get each person on the phone. This is the pre-training portion of the program. We want to identify a customer service baseline in three areas: Tone & Feel, Phone Basics, and Dental Specific.

When the first series of calls conclude, your dedicated support specialist will provide you with program notes and a checklist that shows exactly what they experienced and includes their personal notes. That sheet is the starting point for your team to train in this area. You will receive next steps and training recommendations from us.

We suggest you spend the next month following the training road map we’ve provided specific to your phone issues or concerns. Then, we will do another series of calls to assess the post-training customer service experience.

What do I get with Mystery Calls?

  • Two (pre-training and post-training) series of calls to multiple team members you identify in the front office
  • Detailed Checklist & Notes sheet from your dedicated support representative for each team member outlining their experience
  • A road map to train – we detail and list our resource recommendations for your specific areas of concern and improvement. A training program designed to address what we experienced during the call series.
  • Support every step of the way – we will continue to check in on training during the training period and follow up with additional resources as needed. We want your phones answered with the patient in mind!

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